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Gorgeous beautiful Tube "Wolf "by Verymany

VERYMANY IS HAVING A CONTEST AND A SALE: Wild West tubes are $1 only 3 days! CONTEST DETAILS: 1st place winner will get 3 free tubes, 2nd place - 2 free tubes and 3rd place - 1 free tube.

You can do up to 3 tags about Wild West using the tubes from the sale (if you have already had any tube you do not need to buy it again).

Post your tag in this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/verymanytubes/ and add theme Wild West to it.

We will choose the winners on Tuesday, 2018/11/13.

Good luck!

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II paired this beautiful tube with the adorable Fantasy kit from Pink Paradox Productions called " Wolf Adventure" Tagger Sized Kit,120 Elements,40 Papers,10 Frames

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❀❀❀ CT for Verymany ❀❀❀

Gorgeous beautiful Tube "Autumn Bouquet 2 "by Verymany